RV Security Solution

Security alerts for your RV

Rest easy knowing that your RV
is only going on adventures with you

Keep an eye on your RV

Monitor your RV from anywhere with the RV Halo app. Know in real-time where your RV is and whether it breaks a set parameter called a geofence. All that is required is a Winegard Gateway router with an active Cellular data plan or other internet connection and a subscription to the RV Halo app.

Customize Your Geofence

Completely customizable geofence shapes give you control over designated areas. Set up more than one geofence for custom RV monitoring at the campground, at home, in storage, and more.

Storage Alert

Rest easy knowing that when your RV is in storage or in an area that may have a high risk of theft, you'll be notified when your RV leaves your established geofence area.

Locate Your RV in Realtime

Easily find your way back to your RV with GPS-enabled maps. This can be handy when you're out hiking and get turned around. Or maybe you just want to take a new route back. We make it easy to find your RV in any situation.

Activate a Data Plan to Enable RV Security

It is critical to have an active data plan or other internet connection in order to take advantage of the powerful geofencing features of RV Halo. Enable a Cellular data plan for your Winegard Gateway router or get the router online through WiFi and then activate a subscription in RV Halo to take advantage of these features.

RV Halo is the future

Not only does the RV Halo app provide you with great features and benefits, it paves the way of the future for Winegard connectivity and user experience. We have exciting plans to expand the functionality of the app and the products that it enhances. Get ready for the future!

Ensuring Peace of Mind for your RV

Safety, security, and protection for your
home on wheels regardless of where you are.

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